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Waterproof  bed Cover white protector
mattress protector white soft cotton
Waterproof  bed Cover  Garethinstructions do vot iron do not bleach
mattress protector soft cotton terry top is safe for kids and does not shange the feel of your mattress
Waterproof  bed Cover  vapour transfer eliminates allergy dustmite barrier

Bedecor Breathable Waterproof bed Cover incontinence mattress protector

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1. The IBedecor mattress protector has passed the Lonza laboratory washability test.
2. 50 times washing durability is certified by the laboratory.
3. IBedecor mattress protector has been verified by Intertek hydraulic laboratory.
4. Waterproof ability meets international standards.
5. IBedecor mattress protector has been verified by Intertek laboratory.
The mattress cover product is made of pure cotton, which is more suitable for sleep. Bring you healthy sleep quality. The waterproof bed cover can solve all kinds of accidents, and the incontinence mattress protector can solve all kinds of accidents caused by people. The IBedecor mattress protector is very practical, sleeps particularly quiet and soft, and its simple design is very easy to disassemble and clean.

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